How To: Get the Signature Magnum Manicure!

At Magnum ice cream HQ, we believe indulgence is a fashion statement – all the way from a must-have leopard print bag to donning perfectly polished nails. Did you see our post last week showing our signature Magnum manicures created by celebrity manicurist Lisa Logan at the Independent Fashion Bloggers conference?

We want everyone to get in on the glam look, so we asked Lisa Logan to share her behind the scenes tips for how to get the Magnum-inspired manicure using Nails Inc. products.

Here are the step by step instructions, and be sure to tweet us your Magnum-fied nails! (Special thanks to lovely blogger Fashion-Isha for acting as our hand model for the demo!)

Step 1: Make sure your nails are smooth and prep with a base coat, such as Nails Inc. Kensington Caviar Base Coat.

Step 2: Paint nails with two coats of Nails Inc. Cadogan Square. We’re obsessed with this caramel-colored shade that’s been used on the runways of some of the top global fashion houses.

Step 3: Before applying the coat of crackle, wait until nail polish is completely dry. The crackle won’t work correctly if nails are not dry first, says Lisa.

Step 4: Apply Nails Inc. Farringdon Gold Special Effects Crackle Top Coat. For best use, apply the crackle in one smooth coat without brushing over the same area twice. Lisa notes this will make sure the crackle polish can best work its nail art magic.

Step 5: To make the crackle fully pop, apply a clear top coat. We used Nails Inc. Kensington Caviar Top Coat. This will give the crackle polish a razzle-dazzle pop and help nails dry in a flash.

This stylish manicure is sure to perfectly complement your fingertips while showing off your favorite Fashion Week indulgence in photos – what flavor of Magnum ice cream will you pair them with?

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